Wednesday 5 September 2007


This is probably one of the better belief quizzes (one question, however, had an inadequate choice that did not allow a sufficient workaround):

and the result I obtained was 141:
60 - 149 You are a Bishop Spong Christian (a.k.a. "Biblical Revisionist").
This next one is more behavioural, but also daft:

I scored 66% on that. It tells me that I don't know what I am talking about andI am neither one thing nor the other. Wrong on both counts, then.

Then with this one I scored as a "moderate evangelical", when I am not an evangelical at all, plus its blurb was stupid.

What Kind of Evangelical Are You created with

I have seen the above one before, but used all three as used by the ornamentalsheep, as this rather higher scoring ordinand in Wales reports. To be called a Jerry Falwell Christian and respond to the following text that "this is nice" would not exactly be my response. I regard him and what he stands for as anything but nice.

I suppose I ought to compose my own quiz, but then it might not communicate very well and would be puzzling. I regard theology and faith to be too qualitative for a quantitative output quiz.

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