Thursday 6 December 2007

Mapping the Anglican Communion

Andrew Goddard (see earlier posts) keeps on mapping, and it is useful to analyse and then see how the Anglican Communion is shaping up to the process towards accepting, or not accepting, a Covenant. He has altered his mapping analysis to semi-detach from it the pro and anti Windsor Process positions the issue of homosexuality (in ministry and same sex blessings) as they do not match completely.

I have decided to do my own map in response. It looks like this below. These are understandings of the Church by believers who are in favour of a Covenant and who are against.

The text, however, called Mapping the Anglican Communion, I have added to my Christianity - Denominations section in the Learning Area (Religion) because it is a basic overview and useful to add in the main website. In that the article sets out some basics, there is a little background that seasoned readers of the coming Anglican motorway pile up might skip past quickly. Andrew's effort, and it is worth examining itself (the links are there), is a means by which I have offer my own analytical description.

As regards individuals, Rowan Williams would be counted as in the red text, whereas my own view is found in between the brown and green text - Churches are or should be, basically, autocephalous, but I have a good dollop of liberal Protestantism in me too. I might even be found on the circle's edge (cropped off) where two curves cross.

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