Friday 21 December 2007

Taste and See Tasted

We few in Barleytown (from where Barton-upon-Humber gets its name, I was told by the same few) have completed our run of Taste and See, a Lincoln Diocese course intended for Lent - not so many weeks away. The advice remains the same - don't run it. Much as the group enjoyed its own company, we did not think that the course was written anything like well enough to introduce different spiritualities properly.

You can see my take on it written in two parts. There was my contribution to the halfway submission we all decided to make, and then I made my own contribution complete by finishing my feedback to the end of the course. As yesterday was the final session, I have updated it. The course has provided its own collective feedback, in particular through the use of scoring similar to that in the Review at the end of the course. Both are available at my website at Learning - Religion - Denominations and (scroll down to) St Mary's Barton.

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