Saturday 22 December 2007

Sir Cato

Merry Christmas from this bit of the the Worsfold clan.

Elena decided to put her name on to Facebook and the Worsfold group, set up by Amy Worsfold, who lives in York. Worsfold is a surname largely of the south, indeed Surrey. I don't know her. I am not on Facebook myself. Amy has somehow found a family crest, a sort of upraised hog, and I reproduce it. There was a crest posted that has been produced by a commercial website selling family crests. It bears a resemblance to the one of Sir Cato Worsfold. I am supposed to be related to Sir Cato - I knew about this long, long ago. I reproduce what was his crest, shown in the press when he died. Yes I have touched it up for this graphical use (as indeed I have for the hog - to make it a cleaner .gif image).

I mention this partly because Graham Kings has questioned my use of Pluralist at the Open Evangelical website of Fulcrum (where I give a liberal point of view). I am happy to be called Pluralist or any other name. I took it as a domain name at the time of participation in the Unitarians, and it tells something of my religious position (probably my political position too) to this day. Somebody had taken Pluralist, however, for the weblog, so Pluralist Speaks was chosen, which isn't too bad for some difference. Meanwhile I learnt today, for the first time, that there is another Adrian Worsfold, who is to be found at Leeds Metropolitan University at present. Perhaps I'd better use Adrian John Worsfold, just in case my uniqueness is threatened. I'll ask my friend Mick Taylor what he thinks about names and being unique.

Incidentally the funniest card came from my friend Mike Peachey. I mention his name for a reason that will shortly become even more obvious to some in the know. He wrote in the card: "To Archbishop Adrian and Mrs Elena Worsfold, leaders of Western religion". Note the plural - Elena as well! He has a big family, but as far as we know has no relationship to Barry Peachey of south of the Humber, who actually became an Archbishop in a tiny branch of what is called 'Continuing Anglicanism', although he had a spell earlier in the Open Episcopal Church.

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