Sunday 30 December 2007

Services at Barton-on-Humber

In time for the New Year the new Services Calendar is up and running. It has been made considerably more specific in its information - mouseover any date and it gives the services times. There is a direct link from the St. Mary's Website. The town map for Barton now includes a parish map as well. The Services Calendar page is large and links information together as a whole. These are its parts:

Calendar Generator

Services Calendar

The Liturgical Year

This links through to more on the liturgical year, which has had a small update as St Mary's now has rose coloured vestments.

Time Zones - a bit of a novelty but it is relational.

Holy Dates - the newest and set up to connect to information on days. The Calendar Generator goes further than the Services Calendar grid and presents the information slightly differently.

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