Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Beacon Approach

My piece this month for the Daily Episcopalian as part of Episcopal Café has been published. It is a consolidation of a number of blog entries here and elsewhere, in response to the active approval by the Anglican Church in Nigeria of the intentional oppression by the State of a section of people. Such takes away the need for Anglican Communion 'patience' - to what end? - and needs an alternative beacon approach for those who are becoming further oppressed in Nigeria and elsewhere.

The strategy of the Archbishop of Canterbury needs to come to an end, a man of recent ethical words but seemingly little application in his own apparent back yard, certainly not of any use to those facing such oppression: a primate whose ambitions towards a worldwide Anglican Church requires the continued sacrifice of those people. Not any longer, surely. Time's up.

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Veritas said...

Makes one wonder where the prophetic element is within the Anglican and Episcopal Churches.