Sunday, 8 March 2009

She's Right

Well for once I think she has got it just about right, and usefully substantive in its further detail too. The Bishop-elect of Michigan, Kevin Thew Forrester, uses Buddhist techniques, but so have so many Christians, and his lay ordination has been misunderstood. I'd add that this is not like Anne Redding, the Episcopalian Priest who said the Shahaddah, the first pillar of Islam: "Lailaha illaAllah, Muhammadur rasooluAllah." As Ruth Gledhill muses, at a time when Roman Catholicism falls into its own pit of the nasty and unethical and the same warped values emerge yet again out of Iran (and particularly about women as victims of rape, of no interest to these hierarchies), these right-wing Anglicans are still most obsessed with a bishop-elect who can cross his legs and breathe with awareness.

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