Monday, 30 March 2009

Government Today

'I mean Gordon, that McNulty, good bloke, know what I mean, he was at it, I mean at it, really gettin' 'em shafted, 'cause he was getting them dole people who were stealing off the state. I mean, he has a London house and it is so far to commute here in London. How do working people and hard working families do it? And these dole fiddlers - we have to stop it all. I'm 'Ome Secretary you know, thanks to your judgment Gordon. Like one of them films we were watching on the old parliamentary expenses, in the house on the old parliamentary expenses (or is it the other one we got that £23,000 for?) - and it's where that big hunk gives 'em all a bit of the you know what for. He says you have no choice you scroungers and I'll give you a right going over. Wow, I could have him all right, like get him behind the desk in my department, and hubby, that one I employ (I remember the competitive interview, Gordon, cause I said, "Are you married to me, Richard? Oh you've got the job"), and he says "Cor what an employee she would make; I could really go for her." "Give her the old recruitment technique," I said, Gordon. "You can have her on expenses, like you are." She'd be a right additional feature for the office, Gordon. And I said, "Well why not get her behind the desk? That'll make three of us," like they were doing in that film and then a foursome with my additional bloke on expenses. So that was really good research that was having that downloaded and I bet that Tony ought to watch it because it would tell him a few things about scroungers. Gordon: do you and your Darling watch any films about quantitative easing? I could do with a bit of quantitative easing, Gordon, or at least Richard could.'


Fred Preuss said...

This is the woman whose husband used porn channels at government exprense?>
Howls of derisive laughter!
Only in the UK of GB and NI!

Anonymous said...

As a former Chief Whip (!), Jacqui has obviously been neglecting the slap of firm domestic government of late !