Monday 15 March 2010

Archbishop Goes Russian

The Archbishop of Anglicanism, formerly known as Rowan Tree, has announced that he has changed his name by Deed Poll to Rowanov Williamsyevich Treetri.

As the Covenant process falls into increasing contradiction, capture by parties and doubt, Archbishop Treetri said:

"I am but other than not hardly very likely now to lead a Roman Catholic Anglican Ordinariate for England if I am half way to Russian citizenship. As far as I know, the Russian Orthodox Church has no plans to set up an Orthodox Anglican Ordinariate, although I would not suggest I could fail to welcome such an ecumenical development."

The Most Reverend Treetri's name change follows his receiving a medal sent via the British Ambassador from the Russian President, Yumeetme Madbutdaft. It is in recognition of becoming increasingly similar in appearance to Fyodor Dostoyevsky. This is in addition to his normally being mistaken as a member of the Russian Orthodox clergy.

Asked to comment on his love for Russian literature, the Most Reverend Treetri said:

"Well, I remember in the 1990s Wordsworth Classics and Penguin Popular Classics producing paperbacks for £1 including Tolstoy's so-called War and Peace, as it is not unpopularly known by mistranslation. How they did that one for £1 when it was as thick as a brick I do not know. Perhaps that's why they are no longer available. Unfortunately we know that these were used to stand upon to reach up when painting ceilings or, at not unlikely the very best, to be a display item in the unused bookshelf, where perhaps most people also put their Bibles. I would therefore urge intending readers to get over their maybe fear of the larger Russian book by attending one of these currently mushrooming (but wait for the cuts) basic literacy courses at their local Further Education College."

Archbishop Treetri is very far from retirement age and may produce a few more poems, perhaps now with Russian themes.

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