Friday 19 March 2010

Socinus With Us

It's not that I don't mind writing things twice, giving a different emphasis or length. However, in constructing a piece about the Reformation for In Depth next Tuesday, I knew I had a Unitarian document about the short period of toleration in Poland (the 'left wing' of the Reformation, consistent with the Renaissance, rather than back to Augustine of Hippo) and eventually, in all the piles of paper in this study here, I found it. It is from 1989, for the 450th anniversary of the birth of Faustus Socinus in December that year, and has my article about him in the front. It has not been on my website because it was pre-scanning in timing and when I had an Amstrad PCW. Although I must have typed it on that machine, and I did convert 3.5" CP/M disks to DOS, it simply was never added to my stock of material on line. It is online now, and indeed the whole General Assembly document has been reproduced. The only change is my own drawing of Faustus Socinus within the online version, as seen here.

Now I can read my own writing online plus useful information from elsewhere and do a little copying, pasting and rewriting to complete the survey of the Reformation and all its bloody events including the destruction of the Socinians in Poland in 1660.

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