Monday, 7 June 2010

Service Online

My Service, that reflects upon Business and Organisation and volunteering in a religious body, and focuses on individuals and their specialisms, and my newly acquired small skill of sound editing, is now available in .PDF form.

I never quite know whether to upload in .PDF or .HTML formats. Open Office does a good job of converting the document I use to .html but browers do vary. Some of the spacing on browsers can be over-generous. At 66kb the .html is very inflated. I could strip it to text and hand code it to half of that. The .PDF that Open Office produces is 113 kb with the advantage that it is precisely as I used it: it is the print out but to file. I put my papers into plastic sleeves, two per sleeve facing outwards, and put a cover around so it is just like an "all you need" book. I stood in front of my own sound system with a hand held pointer and that did all the music as I'd put it all on one CD for use. Once used, that's it (and for its back up).

I've taken down - erased - the online service summaries where the service also exists. The website menu (in Spiritual - Unitarian Worship) has been modified. After all, a summary is in the service. I'm not going to use the services again, although one day I shall strip the services present as a whole and restore online as liturgical sections, just leaving the sermons. Some liturgical parts are only relevant for the Sunday just passed. There was a service summary handed out this time, mainly so people knew where they were in the running order and knew the next hymn.

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