Friday, 11 June 2010

Single in Ghana? Become a Methodist!

There's a new solution in Ghana to being single and not being able to find that life dependent partner. You climb up the Methodist Church ladder and soon the problem vanishes.

According to the Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Kwaku Asante, Presiding Bishop of Methodist Church, men high up in the Church have been telling young women that if they sleep with them then they might get a decent long term job.

This is what he told the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Association of Methodist Men's Fellowship in Accra on Friday. Presumably some are celebrating indeed, some are jealous and some ought to be shocked.

But the three day event is called "Return to your first love" which suggests that some are on to their second or third love that isn't love at all.

The bishop said that some Christians are deceptive in appearance, and need self-introspection, take stock of activities for the previous year and strategise for the future. One wonders about which activities they are taking stock. Maybe they are strategising their Church career paths.

Perhaps there isn't "too much simulation" in Christians today, but too much stimulation. He calls such people "deitists" who presumably aren't theists and aren't deists. Most Christians now had self-centred motives, reckoned the bishop.

Nii Armah Ashietey, a government regional minister of Greater Accra, deplored the appearance of vice in the Church.

A Mr Richard Stanley Quarshie, who is the National Chairman of the Men's Fellowship, reckoned that the men had been spending too much time watching movies. One wonders about the content.

So yet again sex rears its head in the Church and the apparent incapability in some places of a Christian keeping his trousers zipped up.

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