Tuesday 20 July 2010

Presentation on Access to HE

I hate Powerpoint and equivalent, because it suggests that education can be reduced to bullet points. I have a 15 minute presentation in a job interview on Thursday. I'm not going in for elaborate diagrams and pointless pictures, and the writing I do is a resource for others to which I say less not more. This is what I shall use on Thursday.


Hugh said...

Good luck with that Adrian .


June Butler said...

Adrian, I have no expertise to offer, just commentary. I'm allowed one free course a semester at the local university as a senior citizen, and I've taken a few courses over the years. The professors tell me that some of their best and most satisfying students to work with are the older, non-traditional students. They are more serious and more intent on actually learning, rather than simply making the grade and getting the credit.

Of course, there are exceptions, and there are challenges as well in teaching non-traditional students, and again, I offer only anecdotal evidence from a few professors.

Perhaps you've already taught non-traditional students and know already what the experience is like.

I wish you well in your interview.

Kenneth Robertson said...

I wish you well for Thursday ,Adrian and commend you for avoiding 'death by Powerpoint'as a means of communication !