Monday 19 July 2010

Sceptical Me

Just a quickie and a suggestion to look at Larry Hurtado's blog where he has essays and my scepticism is on display. He makes his scholarly case but I still think some historians wouldn't go along with the constructions. I much prefer April DeConick's approach and who has written about early Christian origins within her blog many months back in a way that I find convincing. Larry Hurtado stresses the 'binitarian' nature of early Christian worship, though it is through Christ to God. Personally, I think there was an 'acceleration' of Jesus's status and titles after his death thanks to Paul's salvation based religion, but I like the characteristic of diversity that April DeConick indicates, including the cultural settings of each faith subsection and how the gospels don't close just because a canon was declared and a proto-orthodoxy is something only known to be such later on.

I mention this after a Sunday when I shocked a Unitarian congregation by my pre-recorded singing a verse of a hymn written to the tune of 'Come Labour On', to help the folks fit the words to the tune, followed by labouring on in a congregational meeting that went on for some time.

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