Tuesday 6 July 2010


I thought it might be possible to explain the Transfer of Episcopal Authority as it happens in the Church of Anglican Faithful Elements. To work it needs the Consecration of Forward in Faith Extended Episcopals or at least a Concentration Of Consecrated Operational Anglicans. Otherwise, if none of this is to happen, it means something like the Method Involved in the Lutheran Kirk, which is the simple employment of women bishops. A mixed solution needs instead a home grown boiling up a Kirk Extended Transferred Title of Loose Episcopals or a cooking by Participating Anglican Nigerians using international oversight. Perhaps as a midway process to avoid this there needs to be Bishops In Standing Committee Undergoing Informal Talks who can use their own supporting Concentration of Anglican Knowledge Enquirers in order to have a Dialogue Of Gracious Faithful Ordained Ordinaries in Dioceses. If successful we have a Faith Raising International Dialogue Generating Episcopals.

So how can we understand this? Well, TEA in the CAFE may involve the additional drinks of COFFEE or COCOA, but MILK alone is the simplest solution. The mixed approach means boiling the home grown KETTLE or using the overseas PAN but then diplomacy to prevent this outcome is needed, where a BISCUIT can be joined by supporting CAKE that ends up becoming something like DOGFOOD out of the FRIDGE.