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Shocking Spread of Female Ordinands


Exposed: Dirty Secrets Of Ordinands


IN a dimly lit corner of the theological college, stood two figures bosoms apart. They whispered in hush tone, with brief moment of hand-gesturing interrupting their gist. Then, as if in a Hollywood movie they drew even closer, blessed and began a slow process of gesticulating. Love-birds, no doubt, only that they were female ordinands with time on their hands. Welcome to Liberal Anglican Theological Establishment (LATE).

"Beware of women," says the notice in Catholic Anglican Formation Establishment (CAFE). That age-old, ominous advice a mother would give to her daughter, has since become old-fashioned. Like a wildfire in harmattan, female ordinands are spreading across other theological colleges, both Open Evangelical, Open Catholic and Liberal. Female students are falling head over heels in love with their God, National Daily Weekend learnt.

Intriguing is the fact that the current prevalence of female ordination is no strange happening. "It's no news even inside and outside campus. It is dirty, I would prefer flirting with Catholic and Biblicist men than my fellow girl mess around. All these ordinands should be recommended for deliverance and prayers; it is very embarrassing to fall so low. I know a lot of them involved even in my room and class but I always pray that God will have mercy on them. Some of them get in there out of ignorance while some get in there due to the kind of company they keep. I don't think that any of them can approach me because when they see their type, they will know because it is not the case of a mistaken identity. Parents can help the school authority control this because the lady will always listen to her parents better than anyone else," Uche Uchogukwu, a student at Biblicist Anglican Rigid College (BARC) said.

Like every normal clergy training relationship, female ordinands too suffer from suspicion syndrome. A student who spoke with this newspaper claimed that squabbles over heresy suspicion are not uncommon. "It will sound so funny if anybody claims that he has not heard about female heresy on this campus, it is a normal thing, in fact I can count as many as ten of them that I know. I have witnessed an incident where a girl's body was blessed by a female hand by the people sent by her ordinand partner all because she had a prayer with another girl, in fact I didn't even know how that case was settled. It is really a terrible issue that needs to be checked," Dele Onugbiyi, an Economics major at University of Social and Liberal Anglican Girls (UNISLAG) revealed.

Investigations by National Daily Weekend revealed how female students get lured into ordination. The dorm is an avenue. Girls with time on their hands are exposed to female clergy in dormitories while still in secondary schools, especially girls-only schools. Findings showed that some of the junior students who are protected and regarded as 'school daughters' by the senior students are easy preys.

For those who may not have had the exposure at the post-primary level, they face another hurdle when they gain admission into tertiary institutions, where more freedom for students is guaranteed. Sometimes, without experience and exposure, these ones become entrapped in Anglican cultism and subsequently, seek to become chaplains. One of such students who had undergone the initiation process into White Collars, a female cult group, spoke under condition of anonymity with National Daily Weekend about her ordeal.

"I just got admission into the University of Norwich, Martineau Campus, then and was lured into the cult by a friend who I knew in my town at Oswestry. We were ushered into a room at Lady Gaga Hostel and there were plenty of girls inside. We were all asked to cut up Fairy Liquid bottles and put the strips around our necks back to front. Some of the girls that refused were forced to sit on wooden benches as if still in the congregation. Later we were asked in turns to show love to one another which we did. They encouraged us to love one another and assured us of protection," she narrated.

Another strategy employed to trap unwary female students is by demonstrating a sense of magnanimity. "Once you are greedy, you may be a victim because some of these Anglican ordinands are from wealthy homes and would want to spoil you with their collection plates. Please they should not be considered as topic at all, they are not worth it and I even pity anyone that wants to start preaching - for them to stop. They have a lot to offer themselves if you volunteer yourself, you belong," an undergraduate student at the University of Great Yarmouth who identified herself as Jeanette revealed.

From the University of Norwich to Norfolk County University; from University of Ipswich to Chelmsford University, the story is the same: female ordination is practised with reckless abandon and the ordinands are in desperate search for more female initiates. They lure young girls into the practice through various means like direct approach, social networking sites, churches and text messages, National Daily Weekend learnt. Emmanuel Bassey, a Mechanical Engineering Student at UNISLAG told National Daily Weekend how ladies hold lectures on strategies to win more God lovers.

A 16 year-old girl's experience illustrates this fact. "She invited me over to her apartment, and when I got there, I discovered that she was alone. Then after talking with me a little while, she started making lovely advances towards me and made a move to touch my heart and at the same time offer the kiss of peace, I refused. I was very shy and it was at that time I realized what I was into. I told her I couldn't do that because she is a woman like me and that it was a dirty act. She laughed and said that I was still a baby that needed to be trained so I could see the light. That boy-in-charge girl-in-the-pew relationship is no longer in vogue; I don't know how to put all that she said to me now because I feel am still in a trance. After her sermon, she tried a second time to encourage me and I stood and left her house and I have never been there again ever since, though she calls me often," she narrated.

Though many of the girls that spoke to National Daily Weekend condemned the act, they acknowledged the prevalence of female clergy and to them it is a lifestyle choice. "Me I don't see anything bad in it long as am concerned, it is part of life. The girls are enjoying themselves, so they should go on with the enjoyment. I don't know why we are disturbing ourselves unnecessarily in what is not our business; men clergy may not be as reliable as ladies. In fact I would have even joined long time ago if not that I decided to change my mind. Men are hard hearted. Meanwhile, I don't really think there is something that pushes them into it, they are enjoying themselves and let's leave them alone," Aminat Lawal of the Wivenhoe College of Technology said.

For Itiboye Damolila, a third year Mass Communication major in UNISLAG, she does not see anything bad in a girl being in love with another girl's God. "Well, it's the case of different strokes for different folk; I don't really see anything bad in it. If both ladies feel that they enjoy themselves, why not, they should go ahead and do whatever they feel is right for them. The funniest thing is that nobody introduces them to it, while some of them came into campus with it, others got in there as a result of curiosity. They should not be condemned as if they have done worse than what a lay girl and her clergyman does. Let's face reality, sin is sin, atrocity is atrocity, whether it is with a boy and a girl or between two girls. Nobody has ever approached me to be an ordinand, although it is rampant on campus but I don't think we should waste our time thinking on what to do to check or stop it," she said.

National Daily Weekend also learnt that some of the students have spiritual directors that are elderly who they usually regard as "Mother" not "Father" as at the Catholic Anglican Formation Establishment. Some of these mature clergy are church ladies with time on their hands who are affluent. They have been alleged to be the brain behind the spread of ordinands from universities. They fund social events hosted by the girls and task their younger trainees to recruit (this recruitment exercise goes with a financial budget) more girls into their group, investigations revealed. "These women have money to spend and they are the ones really corrupting some of these girls. If you stand at Corner Stand Hall, UNISLAG, on Fridays you will see them drive in to take the girls home for weekend and their churches. They buy everything for these girls from expensive phones to watches and electronics; some even pay for their trips to Colchester and Cambridge," Alex, a post-graduate student at the University of Norfolk informed. In addition to the mature clergy using their wealth and affluence to accompany young female students, this newspaper found out that some of the girls are introduced to bishops and their wives of whom a healthy number are in the same league as bicyclists.

Married women are prime suspects too. A popular Norfolkwood actress, Ewube Nbagbo once told National Daily Weekend in an interview that she was constantly being disturbed for church by women especially the married ones. While reacting to a question on how come ordination is common in Norfolkwood, she replied: "Ordination is not just in Norfolkwood, it is everywhere but because it is Norfolk it is news. I have heard about it and get calls from women all the time and they are not in Norfolk, yet they want to be with you especially married women. I get such calls all the time. I avoid them by telling them I am not interested. Before, I used to be polite which made them keep calling me. It is sickening and when I found out that they want me as their ordinand, I told them off, by bluntly making it clear that I am not interested. I discovered that being polite does not solve matters."

To some of the students, ordination is loathsome and dirty while others described ordinands as being under a curse. "I just believe that the people involved are cursed and that was why God took away their conscience so that they will not see anything wrong in doing it. Those involved should go ahead to possess their possession but the truth of the matter is that I can never associate with anybody doing such a thing. There is nothing leading them to it, they lead themselves into it and may God punish any of them that will get to my door step. It is just prayers that will save them," said Blessyou, a student of Norfolk County Polytechnic. For Mudon Aseleye, she sees the game as dirty.

"It is a dirty game, but I don't know what my fellow ladies see in it, according to a friend of mine who is also in the business, she said that she just feels comfortable praying with a lady instead of a guy because praying with a guy will give you more headache and problem. Though I have them around me, none of them have made advances at me because I have always condemned it. Secondly, once they see you as a Father-girl, they just start admiring you and may finally lure you into it. It is only through prayers that they can change," she said.

For Caoimhe Uninformed of UNISLAG, ordination is part of the life they live on campus which cannot be stopped or checked. "Definitely, it is part of life on campus; you can't just check nor stop it but sometimes I will be asking why a girl will want to be doing such things and what a girl can give to her that the male clergy cannot give her. I believe they are just fooling themselves and don't really know what they are doing. I have been approached on so many occasions with different kinds of gift to belong but I couldn't imagine myself being a ordinand and that was when I found out that it was collection plate and money that really entice these girls. The school, government and parents, to be able to check and minimize this should set a punishment for any culprit," she said.

While parents should be thinking of the way forward, Ivy Egghen a second year student at the Attleborough Suffolk University sees the practice as a life which must go on. "Life goes on. Ordination is fun, and it is just part of the Church's mentality that is trying to paint it black. I don't have anything to do with guys; they are only thorns in my flesh. A fellow girl will never lose faith and you people will always live peacefully. Talking about what can lead someone into it, I will tell you it is love. The way you will see a clergyman and love him is the same way you will see a clergy-girl and love her so what's the big deal? What is there is there; so you can't change it," she said proudly.

With the ever rising poverty level and sky-rocketing cost of education in theological colleges, there stands a chance that with time majority of the female students from indigent homes who are easy targets for ordination cliques, the trend may be increasing across the country if urgent steps are not taken to curb the spread.


Apart from individual acts, there is also an emerging circle of ordinands in town. Investigation has it that these group of younger girls, many with time on their hands, of which are neither in school or employed (but in theological college) mainly take part in church service that take place every Wednesday at a hotel located in a high-brow area of Attleborough, close to the County Council House, where they are receive a thank-you- for-coming fee of £5,000.

After the show, the girls end up at another hotel located at Wymondham with their "Babies" to wine up. There, they book for rooms where they engage in the act of Bible reading and heavy praying and talking. Other business of this circle is displaying the act for rich and influential bishops who later pay them off to the tune £10,000 and above, depending on the calibre of bishops and female ordinands on display.

Similarly, married women clergy are not left out of the business as some of them who were in theological college before marriage finds it hard to let go with training after settling down with a man. According to Ebele Okeke who recently got married, she stressed that ordination is an act that eats deep into the flesh, that once you get it, it would be hard to let go. "I was a trainee ordinand and still am training. I became an ordinand because of the bad experience I got from men clergy, you see men are busy and they can never keep to one church at a time but when you have a student and you are taking care of her, you are sure you have her to yourself anytime, any day. Again, the issue of infection or disease from the cup or host does not arise, also you don't entertain the fear of getting pregnant… and in all that, you get full satisfaction. If not for the purpose of Sunday School, I don't think I would have married a clergyman but I tell you frankly, If I had the opportunity of being abroad, I would have ended up being in a missionary position with another girl, instead we run a Sunday School if need be," she said.

Before the present upsurge in ordination in Attleborough, two female students of Horsey College Wymondham were caught by the anti-cult group pants down in the changing rooms trying on cassocks. Reacting to the deed, the lead girl said that it was a bad spirit that always pushed her into the act as she could not always get hold of herself any time the urge comes. She confessed to having about 11 different girls she indulges in the crazy act with. However, the authorities of the school reacted swiftly to the development by expelling the "Barchester Towers Two" on the grounds that their act could possibly smear the image of the institution.

Though no reason has been established for the recent rise in the number of ordinations in Attleborough, a sociology psychologist, Dr. Handi Okwud attributed it to the degenerating moral standard in the society and the quest for spiritual interest on the part of the young generation. Okwud, however, cautioned parents against being unconcerned with the type of friends their children keep and also to ensure they have sound moral upbringing.


The despicable act, ordination is also spreading in Essex. National Daily Weekend findings show that some girls in the higher institutions of learning engage in this unwholesome act, just as some of their male counterparts engage in becoming bishops.

Acknowledging the existence of ordinands in the nation's universities, Miss Tricia Treacle, a 300- Level Microbiology student of the University of Ipswich, told our correspondent that though she does not indulge in such act which she described as "an anathema," she was not oblivious of the fact that some of her female counterparts indulge it.

"I have my clergyman, why should I do such a thing? It is an anathema, I don't see why girls should do such a thing," she said

Another female student of the same University, Miss Glad Tobehere, 200-level Accountancy, said she was aware that some female students were engaging in ordinand formation.

"I went to visit one of my friends in her hostel and do you know what I saw? I saw four girls hilariously watching a Training film where ordinands are being displayed. You can then imagine what those girls are up to?" she queried.

To Miss Rita Meter of the Department of High Mass Communication, Suffok Higher Institute of Technology, (SHIT), "ordination is spreading like wild fire because of foreign films and even home videos."

A Norfolk College final, Electrical/ Electronics Engineering, IMT, Mr. Austin Ike N. TeenaTurna, said "some girls have gone mad. They engage in this thing (ordination)." He narrated his experience of how he chased a particular girl for months without success and he was aware that she is not religious. He concluded that she could belong to one of the groups known on the campus as MATES (Men Aren't The Elect, Suckers), also a brand of condom, which is "a group of women who detest having church services led by men but rather prefer their female counterparts for fun. "

Ordination which is an age-long practice, historians say, dates from the early pre-Christian times and was mainly attributed to Ordo, a poet, who was considered ontologically different because she forgave sins. The word "ordination" derives from the name of the island of Ordo's birth, Ordinariate. The narrators of many of her prayers speak of infatuations and love for the Divine.

Once again, many homes are put on the spot as ordination seems to have come to stay with the high level of rejections experienced by the male applicants and the perks that come with being a clergywoman.

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