Thursday 8 July 2010

Counter Restoration

Rowanov Treetri: Hello John, It's Rowanov.

John John: Hello Rowanov. You have some official news instead of what you told me informally?

Rowanov Treetri: Yes I am afraid you were not selected by the panel. Would you like some feedback on how you did?

John John: You said these things get decided informally. Presumably the instant evangelical campaign worked against me again, just as I suggested it might and when you were otherwise confident. You were going to be more robust this time.

Rowanov Treetri: I am afraid there was a problem with a pipe.

John John: What, a smoking pipe, or you called a plumber?

Rowanov Treetri: An ecclesiastical pipe. I am told there was a leak. I would not want to tell you how furious I was about what one described as a need for a Christian plumber when it comes to the Commission.

John John: My information is that you vetoed me a second time, when you realised the leak.

Rowanov Treetri: Well, action was necessary as water was going everywhere. It is as if it flooded the upper floor, went through the ceiling below, and then the ceiling crashed down given the weight of water leaving a big hole in the ecclesiastical procedures.

John John: You could have turned the stop cock off; you could have acted otherwise - not that I want it, it is about what South Ack wants.

Rowanov Treetri: Well it was the 'stop cock' that was the problem, theologically, that is when it comes to Anglican Extreme, the pressure group, as it indeed reminds us of the Anglican Communion position ahead of implementing the Covenant. But no, perhaps it reassures you that we now have no candidates, as leaked.

John John: No it doesn't.

Rowanov Treetri: Just that I thought you had, again, a very good application form and plenty of experience to do the role and fill the post, but the Commission were not prepared to go forward with you or any appointment of the leaked names at this juncture given the, well, big hole in the procedures. I think we might be looking for a different kind of person for South Ack now, more in keeping with the strongest pressure group we face, the media and the sympathy of those in the Commission that question the confidentiality of the procedures. Dr. John - are you there?

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Dennis said...

this was brilliant.