Sunday 6 January 2008

Blogs at the Centre of Anglican Division

I have submitted an article to the Lincolnshire Diocese Magazine Crosslincs. It is about the fact that websites and blogs do not simply report Anglican division, they are at the heart of it. A key aslect of GAFCON, for example, was the purchase of the domain name on 14 December 2007, and this website is a crucial part of current developments.

I have no idea if they will publish my article, either because it is too controversial, not Lincoln based enough, too long or too remote a subject for those without computers. My original submission had the odd error that has been corrected in the website version, and this version has made slight improvements - all to be included in the editing according to their interest. At the same time I expressed a willingness in helping towards Crosslincs' production.

Submitted (originally) 4 January 2008; uploaded 6 January

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