Wednesday 9 January 2008


The issue whether CANA now considers itself the"indigenous US ecclesial structure" (see Mark Harris) raises the question whether it will soon call itself ACNA instead: Anglican Church in North America. Bolivia handed over its charges to CANA, so far considered part of the Church of Nigeria.

Meanwhile Bishop Robert Duncan has done the obvious thing and sent invitations to members of the Common Cause College of Bishops "to join him and other Anglican archbishops, bishops, clergy and laity from around the world in Jerusalem June 14-22". He speaks as Moderator of a "federation of Anglican jurisdictions". So this is the other structure, and more of a jumble of associates than CANA.

He says GAFCON is organised by "a worldwide team of Anglican archbishops and bishops" - but this is a little inaccurate. The placing of contact details to the central office (Oxford, UK) is to a reverend clergyman, Chris Sugden, who is not (yet) a bishop, and suggests how this is all being put together, how it was always being put together.

Notice the end piece of the letter:

Invitation issued on behalf of Archbishops Peter Akinola (Nigeria), Emmanuel Kolini (Rwanda), Donald Mtetemela (Tanzania), Benjamin Nzimbi (Kenya), Henry Orombi (Uganda), and Greg Venables (Southern Cone), and Archbishops Peter Jensen (Sydney) and Nicholas Okoh (Nigeria), Bishops Bob Duncan (Common Cause North America), Martyn Minns (CANA), Don Harvey (Canada), Bill Atwood (Kenya), Michael Nazir-Ali (England) and Wallace Benn (England) Canons Vinay Samuel (India) and Chris Sugden (England)

So it is clear that there is no heeding the call of the Bishop of Jerusalem to stay away, or the Archbishop to wait until later? Note that the original press release seems to have gone. Good job some of us note the contents. Once again we see two English bishops on board (emboldened), the first of whom has been giving the impression through the right wing press that it is not felt safe to walk through the streets where Muslims mainly live (example link).

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