Tuesday 8 January 2008

GAFCON - Mind of the Lord Happens

More about the you know whos:
The estimated cost per person in Jerusalem, he added, is $1,000, far less than the $7,000 per bishop levied by the Lambeth conference. Jerusalem organizers are hoping for at least 250 attendees. Their plans were finalized in mid-December at a Nairobi, Kenya, meeting of 11 Anglican and Episcopal bishops claiming to represent 30 million of the world's Anglicans.

"There was a genuine effort to seek the mind of the Lord, and this is what happened," Canon Sugden said.
Gosh I am pleased that this is what happened. How do they know so easily?

Em, 250 isn't many, is it, given the hoped for one third of bishops, plus clergy, plus key laypeople. Is this the mind of the Lord too?

I mean, Lambeth 1998 1:10 - supposed to be the Mind of the Communion, but now we have the mind of the Lord. And this is what happened!

I wonder if the mind of the Lord was involved in any way with the rioting in Kenya after they had left. After all, the Lord does move in mysterious ways, and none more mysterious than when it comes to GAFCON.

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Anonymous said...

P - my bishop here in America tells me that the cost to our diocese (not including travel) is $25,000 ... on that basis alone he is pondering a pass.