Friday 16 May 2008

Dougal's Usual Suspects

Interesting comment I'll highlight about life in a corner of the Scottish Episcopal Church...

Afterwards, a number of my little flock wondered if there was any chance of having the Muslim speaker we had in place of a sermon on Lent 3 back to take part in a discussion exploring Islam/Christian common ground/differences. I respond +vely. The good thing is this request doesn't come from the usual suspects. You know, the forward looking element which every congregation has to a greater or lesser degree. These 5 aren't in that category- they're just nice, normal, ordinary Episcopalians. Yes, they do exist!

My emphasis was added. Then he goes on about an ecumenical group discussion the Catholic end of theology even with Church of Scotland (Presbyterians - remember them?) leadership, a group that next week will look at the differences between the Jesus of Faith and the Jesus of History. He says:

Where's my Ernest Renan?

Interesting this, the usual suspects, the forward looking element less or more in every congregation. Would this be the equivalent of the Barton In Depth Group then? People different from "nice, normal, ordinary" Anglicans, apparently?

Should his congregation start an In Depth Group, as in Barton?

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