Wednesday 14 May 2008

In Depth Group

So the church In Depth group met. Again my account of this is from my perspective and I don't intend to connect the argument of others, except aspects of the presentation. The topic was radical theology about which I had much to say (but I did not give the presentation). There was no preparatory paper about this from me.

I have also added a limited account of the discussion about liberal theology at the previous month's meeting, which until now contained only the preparatory paper (a response to the position of Craig Uffman, an open evangelical).

As well as the direct links above, the In Depth pieces can be found at Learning - Religion - Anglican (scroll down past St Mary's for choices).

It is worth making the point at this time of increasing religious conservatism that there are such groups discussing from this broad perspective; also that there are other groups of different theologies and activities also connected to the Anglican church in Barton-upon-Humber.

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