Friday 9 May 2008

Statistics and Forthcoming

Here we are again, the decline of journalism and the leaking of statistics by a research body that has an aim to evangelise - which inevitably clouds motives and why a journalist or three receives fodder that makes them salivate, even when there is nothing on the website.

Many have written
on this already, and the only reason I have not is because I have started with this rubbish, described research that my department and I did (survey in 1986) and the need for qualitative anchoring of the arguments (not projected statistics from different methods of collections) in a piece that hopefully will be reproduced on Episcopal Café's Daily Episcopalian.

And it is very bleak.

By the way, I see more readability scores popping up, including at the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church (Portland) blog called Reflexion. It is another Undergraduate score. The Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church has altered its website from a sort of Independent Old Catholics labelling to a Liberal Catholics labelling. I make an obscure reference to its form of existence in the latest Daily Episcopalian offering mentioned above.

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