Monday 17 January 2011

Bye Bye Friend

It was a case of bye bye to our Muslim attender on Sunday, and she brought her Iranian mum over here and both attended. She brought her camera too, and she took a lot of pictures including of yours truly (Update: here it is). Those in the know, including myself, tweaked our services content to include our friend, who may now either work in Dubai in a job she secured or may return to Iran. I did put my eye over our attender's university work, and suggested ways and means to sharpen the content and the presentation (particularly the literacy). She bought me a book from Iran of a trilingual selection of Nahjol-Balaghah, of some letters and sermons of Imam Ali, translated by Tahereh Saffarzadeh, from the Rahnama Press in 2008. When I take a service in February, I shall use it.

I took my painting of Rev. Trevor Jones and made an announcement about how its reproduction was spreading around Facebook 'friends' and friends of friends, producing names into view that I recognised but have not met for quite some time. Mention was made as a response as to how Trevor rode his motorbike around the churches and was put up by people, staying overnight in various houses on the way. He did as many as he could.

I received a telephone call today about the memorial and its provisional date. There will be a service, then a do at the Nightingale Centre at Great Hucklow in Derbyshire (the Unitarian centre) and then a sing song in the pub in his style.

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MadPriest said...

Your friend's Iranian mum looks very masculine. In fact, she looks a lot like you!