Saturday 15 January 2011

The Late Trevor Jones

Rev. Trevor Jones died on Tuesday. He was a Unitarian minister and although I did not know him too well, he was a huge influence on a number of generations of younger people. He was a charismatic personality who knew how to connect with the age group. I knew him briefly when he travelled about on his motorbike, as I did for a time. Because the denomination is small, the younger people would often meet regionally, and more often than not in Derbyshire. He was, if you like, their focus person. As I understood him, he didn't transmit across his beliefs but rather values and he was liberal in the best sense of word, so that young people were on their way to becoming autonomous adults and he was part of their transition into adulthood.


Having added this painting here - to be clicked on for a large sized version - I have noticed friends of friends comments at Facebook about Trevor and the fact that he often played the fiddle (and at last more appreciative comments that a painting by me looks like the person!) and suddenly lots of recognised Unitarian names are popping up. I only remember some of these folks briefly but the surnames are known.


Anonymous said...

Trevor was well known to all of the Dearden family as he married us and christened all our children. He was always understanding of other people and gave comfort and joy to all of us at special times in our lives and at any other time it was needed. He was very special and will be much missed.

Barbara said...

RIP Trevor. You were a big part of the Hurst family and my young childhood and will always be remembered.

Anonymous said...

I remember Trevor from Star Island Unitarian Universalist Religious Education weeks where he contributed so many of his talents. When I visited him in Manchester, I got to know him better and very much appreciated his vision, talent and charisma. He will be dearly missed.
Thanks you for your painting which captures him well.
Former Unitarian Universalist DRE in the US.