Friday 28 January 2011

Presbyter at Large

Simon Mapp is an example of a fully ordained priest who now goes outside the main Churches and denominations in order to get some fresh air theologically and ethically. He is active in Sea of Faith and combines that with a fairly conserving approach to liturgical practice.

His website is available here, and exists in its early stages. He writes:

As a minister in the Open Episcopal Church and member of the 'Sea of Faith Network' I offer a unique ministry of both traditional catholic services as well as non-traditional/ christian humanist services.

I have no church building and follow John Wesley's example: 'The world is my parish'.

I offer funeral ministry, relationship blessings to LGBT couples, baptisms and preaching appointments at the invitation at local churches.

The Open Episcopal Church has origins with Bishop Jonathan Blake who left the Church of England to go it alone.
On his webpage about that Church he writes:

We offer the sacraments to everyone anywhere - no one is every refused or turned away. We are a truly inclusive Church.

Through much of my adult life, certainly to date, I have seen Christianity to be anything but the above; rather it has proven to be closed, dogmatic, suffocating and oppressive - not allowing for free thought, challenge and open discussion.

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Hugh said...

I like the picture of the baptism of a child in a field .

That picture says more than any mount of recitation of creeds or affirmation of doctrines .