Sunday 9 January 2011

Time and Sound Shifting

Because we lost too many services over the Christmas period, we had a sort of time-shift service today, with Stephen Carlile (from Wakefield) giving us stories and 'analysis' about Epiphany. "Good job Unitarians are not superstitious," he said to me, but his sermon suggested that we are in a different place than perhaps many are - in that afterwards I suggested that, after all that, didn't Jesus just have an unknown birth in Capernaum or Nazareth, and then he said, "Well that is the most likely possibility."

It's why I'd said earlier about why it's better to leave the carols alone. I also didn't go for his view that 'Unitarians think' (when what they think is so various) but that, in my case, first I think something and then I locate within the Unitarians, not that I am Unitarian (and I'm not actually a member) and therefore think x or y. That's the kind of postliberalism I'm against!

We heard about the massive cost of restoring the organ in the chapel at Wakefield, so that at present some small electronic organ is played; but what emerges in our solution (to no organ playing individual) is that for some hundreds of pounds we have a system with clout and clarity that is now better than even if we had not had the problem. The music is integrated. So long as the congregation follows the music, and doesn't expect the organist/ pianist/ band/ choir to adjust to it, then the accompaniment is of the finest output, and has a sound comparable with the best organs and pianos and pianists and players and singers of all around the world, all within a modern and warm building!

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