Wednesday 3 August 2011

Archbishop Joke

The Archbishop of Canterbury goes into a car showroom with his chauffeur (he can't drive) to do the deal on a new car selected earlier.

The dealer approaches and says, "Ah, sit Rowan."

The Archbishop replies, "No, I think you'd find, surely you know, that it would not be other than a Peugeot."


Leonard said...

Ah, so that´s why his baffledness doesn´t know the difference between forward and reverse (or up or down).

Stephen said...


Do you really understand the offence and heartache some of your cartoons have caused? (Not particularly referring to this one).

Mikeb said...

i like them!

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Oh dear. The offence and heartache indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Offense and hearteache"? In an institution shrinking away to nothing, that even its own adherents treat as basically the Shinto of the Anglo-Saxons?
A green pepper eaten too fast is capable of causing more heartache than this church.