Friday, 2 March 2012

It's the Cladgy Wot's Doing It

In the style of the Archbishop of York's favourite, seven day a week, let's look ahead and forget the present, super soaraway newspaper!

So, the Diocese of Sodor and Man has said Sod off to the Covenant! Wow! And it's the clergy island of men what's doing it, voting against and bringing the bureaucrats' dreams crashing down from over there on millionaires' island. So, no sooner do the pro-Covenant bureaucrats say 'The tide is turning' that yet another wave washes over their plans for a new European Union like bureaucracy to rule over the dear old Church of England, the Church set up by our 'Enery to run itself.

Meanwhile, the Unidentified Flying Onquisition, the I Ask You F*** O** that pokes its nose into international Anglican affairs, is changing to I Ask You Come Back at least for The Episcopal Church's Dr Katherine Grieb, after she confessed and repented at the foot of the Archbishop (or a hefty representative) by making a pro-Covenant video. Victim of "relational consequences" before the Covenant ever came into being, because she was a member of the Naughty Church, Dr Grieb has instead been rewarded for her efforts. She is now existing in her own right and can come back in as full consultant. Just to keep the other side happy, Archbishop Tito Zavala has been let back in as well.

Such are the ways that the Anglican Communion will always operate in the near future, should the English Church not keep up its majority of dioceses saying no.


June Butler said...

Agreed, Adrian. "It's the Cladgy Wot's Doing It", all right. Even if the covenant passes by a slim majority, the archbishops of England stand to lose...face if nothing else.

MarkBrunson said...


And ditto on Grieb.