Saturday, 24 March 2012

Living in Denial

They don't get it, do they? In fact, they learn nothing. The Church of England has just defeated the Covenant. For three years it cannot be returned for discussion never mind find a way to have it. Or can the leadership find 'wriggle room'? But Archbureaucract Kenneth Kearon has responded to the Covenant's failure by listing those provinces that have accepted it. Well good luck to them and their balkanisation of the Anglican Communion, and well done for the dead-hand spirit of the bureaucrat behind the desk.

Of course GAFCON is coming to London next month to stir the pot, and Religious Trotskyites love a crisis to advance their cause. Perhaps a new Archbishop might treat them properly. The defeat of the Covenant is a victory for the broad Church: for liberals, for some evangelicals, some Catholics and many in the middle. Over the last ten years or so the liberals have taken it on the chin over and over again, but the Covenant was a predicament that had to be defeated. If it hadn't been, then the Church of England would have changed markedly in character. A minority of Conservative Evangelicals who want to set up parallel and invasive structures under their own control ought to be told to either live within the given structures or go it alone.

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