Friday, 6 May 2011


It is very rare, unheard of is it not (or is my history and geography wonky?) for Unitarians to be in the north of Wales. But there is a new group, just accepted by the General Assembly, of Unitarians at Bangor. I spent 7 weeks at Bangor in 1977 for an abandoned Economics course - couldn't handle the maths when I did diagrams - after which I came back to Hull and did a more general Economics, Politics and Sociology course where the Economics was more literate. While I was at Bangor I tried a bit of Archaeology and could already read the back of the course booklet to introduce Welsh. In those days Higher Education was free tuition and maintenance received a grant: we valued education, unlike the Labour Party that introduced tuition fees and maintenance by borrowing and this lot in power who are going to stop people going to university altogether. The idea of going to university for education's sake in order to develop a critical mind has been killed by these economic liberals in power.

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