Thursday, 19 May 2011

Another Article Coming Along

I've been asked by Rev. Tony McNeile if I've any "pearls of wisdom" for the National Unitarian Fellowship articles he edits of between three and five thousand words, so I have done about two thousand so far on similarities and differences between Unitarianism and Liberal Catholicism.

It is not the same, although it covers similar ground, as the article gone off to The Inquirer. This new one is intended to be more chatty and even humorous, and goes into the negative side more as well as a more positive approach. Anyway, because the NUF publishes online in its Viewpoint (as a .PDF) I won't until it appears over there. My approach to this is to bang out words as fast as possible, edit and reshape, and then put in details like dates and sources and just check what I think is so from memory is actually correct. I've asked, so far in on the first draft (straight out of my head) whether this is the sort of thing grabbing his interest and intent.

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