Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Wrong Man resigned

So Tavish Scott resigns from leading the Scotting Liberal Democrats and Vince Cable can tell BBC News, "Some of us never had many illusions about the Conservatives, but they have emerged as ruthless, calculating and thoroughly tribal."

Indeed. Part of that calculation is how much they can kick the Liberal Democrats according to their own interest.

Perhaps one person who has had an illusion about the Tories is Nick Clegg, telling Cameron (with his microphone left on) that there is nothing they disagree about. He's like that lad who strokes the school bully so that he stays 'in' the gang, walking around the playground with menace.

It isn't the appropriately named Tavish Scott who should be resigning, especially as his explanation is about UK Liberal Democrats seen to be propping up the Tories; it is Nick Clegg who should be resigning. These Liberal Democrats who are saying "oh no" at the moment know that they are only delaying the date, otherwise it is slaughter time at the next General Election.

And don't be surprised if Cameron (before fixed term parliaments, and how robust will that be?) suddenly pulls out of the coalition, claiming it is unworkable, goes to the country and takes those once Lib Dem votes and facing a still weak Labour Party to produce a majority Conservative government.

Don't say you weren't told. It is still NO to those NHS reforms isn't it, to begin?

Perhaps, instead, Nick Clegg is thinking of forming a Liberal Unionist Party on the basis of taking people into the Conservative Party. He might have got quite a taste for being in government, alongside his mate.

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