Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Website and LibCats...

It has taken two days to sort out just the menu, start and home pages (one has a counter on it) at my actual website, and although it can be found online and does work, the links assume an integration that does exist but is muddled with the old site (that also exists). Until I have been through all the major pages of menus, I'm not redirecting things. I'm going to export all photos, artwork and cartoons to external hosting. Whole areas of the website will vanish and I will both remove pages and add some better researched ones from the blog.

I can't believe I now have a job interview that asks me to demonstrate a web site I have made. Mine might still be a mess as I get to the interview, plus I am removing some of the elaborate fancy stuff. At the last interview I had they liked my Powerpoint presentation to the extent that they are keeping me on the books for a suitable position, should one arise.

I am advising a congregation member how to get control over webpages while having the main Hull Unitarian webpage under the denominational scheme - one that lets you change text but not upload graphics yourself. HQ does that. They have their reasons but we have our workarounds.

Meanwhile, a couple of Liberal Catholic links: Rev. Mhoira Lauer-Patterson edits the LCAC newsletter The Catholic Liberalist. I get a couple of mentions including my middle name - that was a Facebook 'error' of giving my full name. There is a website called the Liberal Catholic Digest which covers the LCC in BI but also connects with others like the LCAC. There are a variety of articles and archives of differing content.

The Inquirer is considering my article on the Liberal/ Free Catholics and Unitarians; this looks like it will be published but I don't know what editing it will receive.

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