Thursday, 19 May 2011

More Historical Resources

Some fantastic resources are being made available for free with the documents release - past publications of The Lindsey Press. Those like me who dig into the past to legitimate what we try to do in the present can use this - I need to dig further and I doubt I can keep up. The resource (under James Barry) is just getting better and better, with a feature of the latest acquisitions and then choices afterwards. This is bound to be of interest well beyond the Unitarian constituency.

Clearly, before I attempt to write any more about these past characters, I am going to have to check carefully these resources.

Just as a reminder: if you are going to scan the text behind the image, get hold of something like NoteTab Light and set it to pasteboard to copy the book text as you go along. You will notice so many hard returns, and then highlight each paragraph and click Join Lines (that can be put on the top toolbar). Better still, write a clip to remove excess spaces and regularise paragraphs (like I did).

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