Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday and Ministry

Although a number of people were absent Sunday morning, including one or two who were coming, the service on 15th had a good atmosphere both during, and before and after, the more formal part. David Arthur presented a conversational service (his style) on the improbabilities of predicting the future in the kind of life we lead now. It was at the 'religious humanist' end of the perspective, that is prayers that are obviously reflective and where the God concept within is broad (not a big listening Ear), and where there was no Lord's Prayer - indeed no obvious Christian content but, rather, a straightforward reflection on looking forward.

Mhoira Lauer-Patterson joined us for the first time, ahead of taking her own service in mid-July (and any other services - in the broader sense - she might have to offer that are also accepted). David Arthur's wife Rosemary had distant Liberal Catholic experience (the specific kind regarding a tradition, not here the Anglican variant - though she has that as well) and so was very conversational. That was down in Bournemouth of all places, decades back, since then the home location of Mhoira's denominational bishop "boss". This is all relevant with David and Rosemary from Wakefield as Mhoira will be going around to different Unitarian churches in the region.

Giving a long standing member a lift home afterwards, I discussed some of the creative contacts made regarding future ministry. One was trying to encourage an Anglican curate that didn't go far and now would face added obstacles. I'm always on the lookout. Here there is some potential at least and her instant warming towards Unitarian breadth from her perspective and position. We shall see what happens. I've written before and can add some more about Unitarianism and Liberal Catholicism: I joked that sending my piece to The Inquirer I added to it, and if sent to Faith and Freedom I shall really up the level and add sources (and one does not exclude the other).

Architecturally in our region the church that is 'highest' is the Mill Hill chapel at Leeds, with the feature of its front mosaic inside, and very churchy layout including the pipe organ. Hull competed until 1976. This is not to imply anything about Mhoira, rather more about denominational histories and phases of a time - Liberal Catholicism was in part a late product of the Romantic and Oxford movements that had its effect early and late on Unitarianism.

Rosemary Arthur took my printout home, to return it next week when she takes the service. I have already the hymns and music to arrange for that service.

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