Friday, 13 May 2011

Heavenly Dream

Here is a dream I had. First I had a bath and got out and was helped. I recall it was at Bonskeid House (a fabled place of mine). Some females were there to help. Then I moved on, prepared to go on naked, thought I was, but in a second place, like Bonskeid House but different, I actually was wearing underwear. It was a much squarer, ordered place, more modern, brick, lawns outside. Every female I have ever known was visiting, and some claimed to have help me earlier when at the bath.

This is the first dream I can recall where no one was after me or being negative. Everyone liked me for a change. I think, in terms of symbolism, the bath to start with is an obvious cleanse of the past (we have religious symbolism for that) and then all was positive, even to be clothed enough, with every female ever known arriving. That is again a religious vision of heaven (for a hetero man).

So that was rather positive, wasn't it, and makes a change and suggests a level of contentment.

I did get a response from that job interview on Wednesday. It said the usual about high calibre of candidates but added they were so impressed with my presentation [temporary link] that they will keep me on file for 6 months in case a vacancy arises. I know it means nothing concrete but at least it recognises that some effort was made.


Suem said...

Still no signs of that male menopause.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

No indeed: full of desire and a willingness to recover what has been lost in more recent years.

Suem said...

Good for you :)