Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hymns and Website

You can listen to the hymns that will be sung at Hull Unitarian Church the day after members of other churches have gone up in the sky.

In order they are Hymns for Living HL 015 Old 120th, HL 037 Duke Street choir, HL 155 Herongate choir and HL 156 Rimington. These are temporary links only.

The last hymn is this:

O live each day and live it well -
All else is life but flung away,
Who lives a life or love can tell
Of true things truly done each day.

Be what thou seemest; live thy creed;
Hold up to earth the torch divine;
Be what thou prayest to be made;
The thirst for righteousness be thine.

Fill up each hour with what will last;
Use well the moments as they go;
Into life's soil thy seed is cast -
Thy deeds into a harvest grow.

Sow truth, if thou the true wouldst reap;
Who sows the false shall reap the vain;
Erect and sound thy conscience keep,
From hollow words and deeds refrain.

Sow love, and taste its fruitage pure;
Sow peace, and reap its harvest bright;
Sow sunbeams on the rock and moor,
And find a harvest-home of light.

Incidentally, earlier than expected, my main website is now found in a different place and this is where goes. Clicking through may still cause links to jump back to places of the dial up location, but the slow repairs are ongoing and significant changes have already been made. From my point of view this change is excellent because now as soon as I save a change the page is instantly uploaded. There is no FTP or browser messing about. All images will be put to Facebook: most have gone there already and sometimes you may need to log in and other times (direct to albums) not. At least then people can comment on the pictures directly.

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