Thursday, 5 May 2011

Some Unitarian News

The Unitarian General Assembly President, the Rev. Dr Ann Peart, recorded an interview for the LGBT programme of BBC Radio Manchester. The interview starts at 36 minutes in and lasts just over 10 minutes.

People who would be non-dogma following ministers should go to London, Essex Church, Kensington on Saturday, June 11th, book by June 1st; or to Manchester, Luther King House on Wednesday 24th August, book by 14 August; and both run 11 a.m. for 11.30 start until 3.30pm. The Unitarian situation is too few candidates to fill payable pulpits.

Last week Hull had a service honouring Rabindranath Tagore. At 11am, Sunday 8th May Golders Green London will also honour Rabindranath Tagore on the 150th anniversary year of his birth. They'll add Rammohun Roy. It's at 31 ½ Hoop Lane, Golders Green, LONDON, NW11 8BS.

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