Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Website Changes Nearly Done

My website changes have happened rather more rapidly and smoothly than I could have hoped. At present there is the dial up old one still there across seven free accounts, and has been like that for years. However, the URL I own refers to the new location. The anomaly has been looking at the website broadband but uploading via dial up and at additional cost. The launch of Dropbox and its sheer practicality has caused the change at last and to having something that works using broadband both ways, and not only that but without having to use an FTP program. Once a Linkdocument is saved, it's up at the speed of the broadband link.

My latest area of editing is autobiographical, and have just updated the page of answers all about me.

I have cut the website dramatically in that all the images are now Facebook based, and will be chopped and changed as I fancy. My photos and artwork will be displayed there by topic: caricatures of religious people are thus displayed and get used on my blog. The Galleries point to these Facebook albums. Photography and art have always been important, but I will be reserved about extending the galleries. I'd rather remove and replace. I'm scrapping the feedback form, which in recent times has been hit by spam despite a failed and illusory use of Capatcha. The only awkward change has been regarding the Bonskeid area and its images, but I decided not to have a separate area for them. I'll continue to keep what is a unique website archive about a once superb facility. The least stable page is external links, which I have checked through and brought up to date.

There will still be faulty webpages. These will have old URLs on them, and with the best will in the world I can't find them all easily. Old pages are different: my views have changed and where I can I have tried to date some pages; what I am going to do when I've finally completed website areas (and changed the dial up area to page jumps) is go through the blog and add entries to keep into the website - those that are more like essays or more significant. The blog will be news, comment and advertising the website, and the blog will get advertised from Facebook as of now.

Websites get old and go wrong, and a large one like mine needs a lot of management. But I keep it simple and it is simply a trail of where I have been and what I have done and of what interests me.

My first webpage was written and uploaded in November 1998. It reached some 1850 .html and .pdf pages including image pages in 2010 and the removal of these images and containing pages means it will be many fewer pages. But soon pages will be added and the various levels of menus will have to function. I'm using HTML 4 but prefer tables to positioning relative or absolute, and relative spacing allows the page to fill any computer screen. I hate websites that go off on the right hand side or, conversely, shrink to the left. My content is open for use, so just obey the usual academic rules against plagiarism.

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