Tuesday, 19 February 2008

GAFCON Inconsistencies

Here is the Archbishop of Sydney, Peter [correction] Jensen, giving three of more reasons why he is not going to the Lambeth 2008 Conference:

First, we remain thoroughly committed to the Anglican Communion, its good health and its future...

Second, our non-attendance at Lambeth does not remove us from the Anglican Communion, or damage our continued participation and standing...

Third, the Anglican Communion has been irreversibly changed by these developments and this Lambeth Conference is not able to turn the clock back...

Hang on: if the Anglican Communion has been irreversibly affected, why be thoroughly committed to it and why stay in it?

Let's see how Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi of Uganda puts this commitment to the Anglican Communion and staying in:

Our leaders have done the right thing to boycott that conference and if possible they should secede from the Western Anglican Church.

Then the provincial secretary of the Church of Uganda Aron Mwesigye said:

Anglicanism is just an identity and if they abuse it, we shall secede. We shall remain Christians, but not in the same Anglican Communion.

Hajji [note the Muslim name] Katende of Makerere, a theologian who reads his Bible directly off the page, said:

Homosexuality is going to be a very difficult issue to resolve and I think it will eventually lead to the break up of the Anglican Church, just like the Anglican Church initially seceded from the mother Catholic Church.

So that's cleared that up then.

But apparently the absentees, wanting their cake and eating it, will be sending their opinions to Lambeth:

According to Ms Barfoot [she who revealed this strategy years ago], Archbishop Orombi is due to summon theologians across the country to brainstorm on the document and their opinion will be forwarded to inform discussions at Lambeth.

Can't Chris Sugden and Martyn Minns just write it together and post it to Lambeth well in advance?

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Brian R said...

The Archbishop of Sydney is PETER Jensen. His brother, Phillip is the Dean. You have the picture correct. Understandable, they are all alike in views, in fact Phillip is worse. They are Anglican in name only.