Friday 22 February 2008

GAFCON - the Second Question

The first question regarding GAFCON and the double meeting in Jordan and Israel is whether Jordan, still in Bishop Sulheil Dawani's diocese, is far enough away to constitute not spreading their division into a diocese that seeks reconciliation. The second question is whether the second part is actually a pilgrimage like GAFCON claims.

A pilgrimage is, basically, a walk, with stops at holy sights and lots of spiritual stuff going on. People travel light and undergo a little hardship. This seems to be different. This is only open to anyone on the last day, June 29. Otherwise the pilgrimage is for the invited. It contains bishops-only meetings. There is a keynote speech on the last day. So it looks a bit like a conference sort of pilgrimage after all and in Israel. The first part is described as a consultation but the second, this pilgrimage, includes worship, prayer, discussions and Bible Study - rather like the Lambeth Conference - which is a conference.

No one has heard a response from Bishop Dawani (illustrated) or his Archbishop.

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