Tuesday 5 February 2008

Make the Unemployed Homeless

She did not quite say this. What she said was that unemployed people who have council housing (and presumably housing association accommodation as well) should be forced to sign contracts saying they are looking for work, just so that they don't keep drawing too many housing benefits.

This Caroline Flint, MP for Don Valley (I hope the poorer folks there go and vote to chuck her out next time), says that the housing payments and all that should be linked to the Job Centres.

Her solution to unemployment seems to be to get out and look for work more. Looking for work does not create jobs! I have lots of qualifications and I am unemployed. I look and I write and I try to get a job. They won't employ me because I am overqualified. I'm one of her lot's failed teachers, and they won't employ me in that either. Not for the good schools, and the crap schools need the sort of teacher who can nursemaid and keep control. So that's out, and I am stuck. For the time being I have a private rental agreement, but it is yet another attack on the unemployed.

This nasty piece of "work" meanwhile is quite happy to employ her husband and give state handouts to him. Oh this is for "work life balance", she claims. Wonderful if you can get it - wonderful, if, unlike anyone else, you don't have to go through competitive interviews. You just say, oh lots of expenses are paid with this job, being an MP, so I'll hand them out to the family.

Meanwhile they attack the unemployed. This from the so called Labour Party, but we know that this Labour Party long ceased being anything of the sort.

Let's look at the future. There is a situation where the United States and the United Kingdom especially have lived on too much debt. This is private debt: there is also public debt. In order to prevent recession, there are calls to keep up spending. This adds to debt. Alternatively there are calls to get the economies balanced by raising saving. This will lead to unemployment.

Tony Blair - he has the right idea. On top of his George Bush approved job of peace seeking in a region where he has previously added to tension, he gets a few part time consultancies so that banks and the like can have his name on their employment rolls. He does the odd speech for fantastic amounts of money, just like his wife did when he was Prime Minister. No doubt the ambitious Caroline Flint would like to follow in his footsteps, given the fact that the present leader cannot make a decision or two, and has thrown fortunes to uphold a failing bank and they can't even bring themselves to nationalise the burden to the State. Meanwhile the gravy train MP will carry on attacking the unemployed.

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