Wednesday 27 February 2008

Have a Cup of Tea on Me

I've made my first appearance on Episcopal Café at Daily Episcopalian (scroll down) called The View from England. It's just a sweeping statement of an overall view of Anglicanism here and there with a little bit about me in the form of an introduction. I'd have preferred A View From England as I am but one viewpoint but I didn't set the title. I have some difficulty registering to make a comment there, so I'm sorry if I seem to be ignoring people there. I suppose my basic point is that with the Catholics having split - with the dogmatists gone into marginality, then the evangelicals seem to have found an issue by which to do the same. The same could come to actual liberals; I mean, since I wrote my piece I note that even in Affirming Liberalism that there are those who argue that liberalism is inadequate alone and those who consider it is self-sufficient. The same kind of binary tendencies pop up all over the place.

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