Friday 8 February 2008

Golfing with Jesus

A couple of new items on the Pluralist website...

There is a joke that I heard very rapidly and then embellished myself. Let's call it Golfing with Jesus, alhough Moses is his caddy and they are playing a vicar and his caddy (who do not recognise who there opponents really are). It is supposed to be theological as well as funny, though it may be neither. On the website it is found at Fictional Ttop menu) and the scroll down the left menu.

Then there is a paper to prepare for a discussion of the In Depth Group at St Mary's Church, Barton-upon-Humber, at its February 20 2008 meeting, which I have already outlined verbally to the discussion leader, and which he has agreed to receive ahead of the meeting. It is based around the chapter called 'Thinking about Easter' in Tony Windross's book called The Thoughtful Guide to Faith published in 2004 by O Books at Ropley, Hampshire (there is a cut down version of the book, not including this chapter, online). Tony Windross is Anglican priest and Vicar of St. Peter's, Sheringham in Norfolk. I have printed out the paper (the discussion leader is not online) and he will read it before the meeting; I do not know whether I will read it at the meeting, or whether he will incorporate anything from it within his own presentation. At the website this is found in Learning - Religion - Denominations and then scroll down past the St Mary's notice until the collection of In Depth Group menu items.

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