Thursday 14 February 2008


Dated February 11th, 2008 Anglican Mainstream has a big story...

Stand Firm, Sarah Hey, 'Report from the Field: A Layperson in the Diocese of Los Angeles Writes Her Rector about Pledging'…

It greatly alarms me to see the Presiding Bishop - in a public interview with NPR from last year - so reluctant to state that Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth, and the life." She indicated He was a way, but not *the* way...

The TEC administration has been so busy with lawsuits, Millennium Development Goals and other time-consuming and useless activities that it overlooked the fact that an ordained priest was a practicing druid (see here: and allowed his wife to publish a pagan rite masquerading as a feminine liturgy on the national Episcopal Church website. They just aren't paying attention

The original report starts to give a different feel regarding the section imported, from where the practising druid story comes.

So this is mainly about stewardship and this latest scandal of TEC comes from... 2004. Not that this is obvious from Anglican Mainstream. Anglican Mainstream does not let a bit of old news upset a good story. Don't forget this when reading related GAFCON details, explanations, insights etc.. It is all stacking up.

It trawls for stories anywhere and how old in order to build a picture of distortion. Follow the lead and it is a trip back in time.

Meanwhile Drexel Gomez says three provinces are definitely not going to Lambeth 2008, and four may not go. Right. So it is not a definite four then. It is down to three. Four maybe - maybe, maybe.

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