Tuesday 30 November 2010

Proposal for the Communion

The Archbishop has made this statement from Lambeth Palace:

I am aware that the Anglican Communion Covenant process continues to be described in some quarters as punitive and juridical, whereas I have argued, as most recently in my Presidential Address at the General Synod, that it is none of these but serves to enhance relationships between local Churches or provinces rather than weaken them. In this regard, I shall propose to the coming Primates Meeting and subsequently to other Instruments of Communion that 'relational consequences' that follow from actions taken outside 'the meaning of the Covenant' shall be limited to no more than the introduction of an ecclesiastical naughty step or naughty step for short.

When a province creates an action that generates a response for the consideration of the Standing Committee, and the process of discernment finds that the action is outside 'the meaning of the Covenant', a declaration shall be made that the named local Church is placed on the naughty step. The Church will still be able to make its contributions in all other activities, but Churches and our ecumenical partners will be reminded for each contribution of that Church that it is currently on the naughty step.

We think that such a Church so placed would like to come off the naughty step, and this would enhance our relationships. I further propose that we imagine that the naughty step is quite narrow, and that no more than two local Churches should be on the step at any one time. To place one more on is to decide to take one off. Furthermore, a named and so designated Church should be put on to the naughty step for an announced and fixed period of time only, and then to be placed back on to the naughty step only if the Church repeats the action it has taken. It is possible, therefore, for a Church to find itself going to the naughty step quite often, but in between times we will still be able to enhance relationships, and also being placed on the naughty step is no definition of a lack of love for the province so placed.

However, otherwise, this action I do propose as sufficient. I look forward to responses from other leaders of the Anglican Communion.


Brother David said...

I think additionally that any primates who scream and stamp their feet should sit in a corner with the dunce cap.

This image merits a drawing I think. How about Orumbi?

Lesley said...

Your Grace,

I support your proposal, and I feel it is an improvement, although falls a little short of the adult-adult relationships that I would prefer. However, I think some of the Primate may feel that this punishment is too subtle and I have heard an alternative suggestion of the 'naughty electric chair' recommended...


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I much prefer a moment in a "Quiet Place" for "Time Out" where I might be able to consider my next move - and, enjoy the quiet.

A brilliant piece, sir.

WV: "Untore". What would happen to the Anglican Communion if we ignored the Anglican Covenant.