Saturday 22 March 2008

Anarchist Liberals

This is no more really than a simple link to that end of Liberal Catholicism which could be described as anarchistic. Liberal Catholicism as a sort of patchwork movement has various strands and tendencies, but they tend to be clericalised, and this is the matter of episcopi vagantes and all that. So for some groups, when they combine the priesthood of all believers with Catholic order, what that means is potentially priesting all the church body according to individual choice. Choice determines everything, and this therefore is the kind of anarchistic end. This is the condition of The Young Rite, which earlier in March had a big do making Aristid Havlicek a bishop. The only reason I highlight it here is the involvement of Alistair Bate (and lots of photos of this event - he is the chap in the white mitre), who has been mentioned and cartooned here (scroll down) and here before, who started life in Unitarianism and ended up based in Edinburgh via the Liberal Catholic Church International (scroll down) and now in the ILCF and the Ancient Catholic Church. As I keep a watch and have occasional contact, I notice that a few more people seem to be joining the Liberal Rite, the Ancient Catholic Church and ILCF groupings (here's another chap). I suppose The Young Rite does not appeal to me, with its approach, but these highly variable groups overlap and have levels of contact with each other.

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