Sunday 2 March 2008

Mad Priest

I like Mad Priest, as he says it straight and with some fun. He can be a bit haggered at times though, can Jonathan. So here is just a little statement of thanks and I like his latest little thing.

MadPriest's Sunday (stay at home) Meme

You have won a competition to go out for dinner with Jesus, The Buddha, Moses and the Prophet Muhammad. Part of your prize is that you get to ask each one of them just ONE question. What would your questions be? You don't have to ask them all a question.

Off you go, then.

Here is my quick contribution. Others are witty and funny:

Moses: Isn't a lot said to be in your name quite a lot later... Hang on, there is no one here.

Jesus: Does Paul agree with you then or was your brother your preferred interpreter?

Buddha: Do you think that some of your ethics are a bit like Jesus's even though you aren't bothered about the God bit?

Muhammad: You got a lot of it wrong, didn't you?

02 March, 2008 15:24

I could go on with this forever, but the rules were one question each. However, I broke the rules by bringing others in.

Hello Baha'u'llah, what are you doing here?

02 March, 2008 15:25

Hello Krishna. Are you really called Harry? There is a fish shop called Harry Ramsdens, and people going there chant that too.

02 March, 2008 15:31

The last one is a crass attempt at humour. I do have a number of Krishna and other Hindu artefacts at home, along with Buddhas and representational Jesuses and my own representations of Jewish items and Islamic scripts on some paintings... I see that Madpriest's clock is on time: mine is some way off.

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