Tuesday 11 March 2008


While the broadband connection remains unreliable, I have decided to do some Pluralist Website restructuring - the sort of folders and files that largely stay hidden from the public.

I have six main folders called change, differ, enk, plural, pluralist, renew and, now, vary. From one to the other they are separate accounts and need absolute web addresses. Only subfolders within each one to others within the same one can have relative addresses (relative ones are up and down from a file location, absolutes use the full website address).

Good job I added vary too, because I suddenly discovered I'd hit the limit of uploading in one folder - change. I had begun with making other alterations. Those links that go to the Spiritual Area that went into the enk main folder now go into vary main folder. So replace one with the other if links don't work (there are some on this blog - I'll alter some). The enk folder was not the full one, by the way, so the removal of files from there will be more leisurely, and therefore at the moment the files in vary are copies. I'm checking links all over the place. I do my html by hand, but the text editor can search through all opened documents at once, and rather than replace automatically I check each and every one. It was the change folder that was full, and I have had to move a sub-folder out of it, and therefore the moveon folder files are no longer in there but in vary.

Changing a website when you have some absolute weblinks is, of course, a nightmare, but so far, I think, I have it right, and I have updated the all files linked page that is found from the main homepages - a file I produce periodically from a NoteTab clip that I have also had to update.

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